About Us

Thought-Forged was born from the desire: 
To make things.
To make memories.
To make a different life.

Our background

Thought-Forged is currently two people and a growing number of hardworking machines.  The machines are addressed by name and most often with respect for work they work they do.
The humans are a husband and wife team that refuse to understand what it is to act their age.  
She’s a city girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.  She found her way out and blossomed into a super knowledgeable health care worker.  Her love of life and living provides vivid colors to everything she does.
He’s a country boy who bounced around  for a while before embracing the IT world.  Experiences from the small farm, working AMMO in the Air Force, Rough-Necking in the Texas oil fields, and almost every job title in the IT/IS industry help him  re-define what the box is rather than fighting to work outside it.

Why Thought-Forged?

It's what we do. We literally take Ideas and turn them into real, tangible products. From the crucible of the mind, hammered into form with various tools and forged into a real, tangible product we aim to make our world Thought-Forged.

What else do we do?

When not forging-thoughts we enjoy spending time with our kids and grandkids, cycling, traveling and several other hobbies.


Make great products we are proud of, and that we would proudly display.


To keep on making! Seriously, this is fun stuff. The journey here has stretched our knowledge in directions we didn't think it would and taught us completely new lessons. We want to make great products and happy customers while continuing to grow as people.

Settlers of CATAN products printing now!

Meet Our Printing Team

Kity Blue

(Qidi-Tech XOne2) The stalwart small form printer

Andrew Tres

(Ender 3) Medium models and precision prints

Sharon/Karen Black

(AnyCubic Chiron) Work Horse for large prints

High Quality 3D prints and designs for your enjoyment

Contact us with your idea.  We’ll work with you collaboratively to forge your idea into something uniquely yours.

We use Woo-Commerce, Google Pay and Pay-Pall to process your purchase.  Each is known as a secure and safe payment platform.

Feedback is critical for success.  I genuinely want you to be happy with your purchase.  Send me constructive feedback on the contact page, or leave a positive review and I’ll send you a coupon to for your next purchase.

Worldwide Shipping

Free shipping on purchases over $50 to the Continental US and the best options available for global shipping

Best Quality

If we someone miss something or the quality doesn't meet your expectations, please let us know and we'll do our best to make it right.

Best Offers

Hours of research and analysis has gone into making sure we provide products at a fair price. If you have suggestions for making the price better, we'd love to hear from you.

Secure Payments

We use Woo-Commerce, Google Pay and Pay-Pall to process your purchase.  Each is known as a secure and safe payment platform.

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